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About a Us

Our Story

We help you master your visual communications so that you make more customer connections — and more sales.

How do we do that? Through our unique branding process developed by Alex Banman. Your new brand design system will allow you to stand up to the competition and win more sales.

If you have drive to grow your business and you believe graphic design can help, we are the right choice.

Make More Sales

Are you curious about how valuable brand design is? You've come to the right place. Whatever industry you are in, we at Line and Grid can help.

How does our branding benefit your business? In short, we convert your prospects into loyal buyers. Whether you have customers or clients. That’s what high-quality brand design does.

Achieve Your Goals

Our branding helps you reach your most worthwhile business goals. It brings your ambitions to life. As we work with you to brand your company, we keep your goals top of mind. In the end, we achieve what matters to you most.

We embed the vision you have for your company in the way prospects perceive it. They see a brand that's compelling. One that attracts more and more buyers to you for years to come.

Let's talk possibilities.

About The Owner

Alex Banman is a seasoned graphic designer with more than 8 years experience in the branding field. Alex has helped over 50 business clients reach their prospects with professional, meaningful graphic design solutions.

Alex's approach to design is thorough and methodical. His clients appreciate his ability to come up with clean, creative graphic solutions. He and his team offer complete branding services, helping clients reach their prospects in visually compelling ways.

Connect with Alex on LinkedIn.