Effective Branding: Why Process Matters

Your prospect is trying to decide between you and a competitor.

It's apples vs oranges

This is when details become important. This is when your prospect is looking for reasons why they should choose you over the competition. They are wondering what makes your business more trustworthy, higher quality, and more reliable.

They are wondering who is going to give them an experience they will be satisfied with. This is where quality brand design shines. It's where the right look and feel proves to your prospect that your business' offering is the right one for them.

It happens in an instant

The moment your prospects see your company's branding they make an immediate judgement about your company and it's offering. How they feel is extremely important: many decisions around buying are based on emotions and attraction. Logic is secondary to emotion with first impressions.

A prospect first looks for visual cues about whether or not your business is right for them. If the right meaning isn't communicated within a short span of time, that prospect will move on.

The buying process has a beginning, middle, and end. It is important to capture prospects from the start. This is the critical moment when you want to funnel as many prospects as possible into the buying process.

Prospects expect and appreciate consistency

Once a prospect has decided to look further into what your company has to offer they will begin looking information to back up the emotional reaction they had. Branding continues to be important as they contemplate purchasing your company's offering.

Prospects expect consistency when dealing with a company and it's products. The more details that are fulfilled during their experience with your company's offering, the more they will feel that your company truly cares about them having a great experience. Which will help more prospects turn into buyers.

This is how branding can be effective across all the different aspects of your business: online ads, website, stationary, signage, packaging, physical marketing materials, business cards, photography, etc. The list goes on. Every interaction with your brand is a chance to prove to your prospects that your company cares about their experience. This especially important before they make a purchase.

You can see why the right branding is key

And solutions that seem obvious at first are usually not the best solutions. Through trial-and-error a good branding agency will help you discover the best visual tools for your company.

Having a design process means avoiding brand mistakes and making a brand more effective. It means being confident in your brand, and seeing real results from it. It means that at the end of the day, you will be earning more from your company, maximizing the amount of business your company does, and usually the amount of money you can charge for your company's offering.

This is why a good brand design process is paramount, and why your company should hire a branding agency to help you uncover the best solutions. You may believe that you can develop branding on your own, and that you don't need an agency. Of course, you are free to decide what is right for your company.

However, if you had the chance to more reliably increase your business profitability by 25%, 50% or even more, why would you pass on the opportunity? Because you are not sure whether you can trust an agency to do a good job on your branding, and you are unsure that you can afford what an agency has to offer? You may be unsure whether it will bring a good return on investment, or just be a headache. Read our blog post about charging more for your company's offering.

These are valid concerns

And these concerns are the reason why you need to choose an agency that has a solid branding process. An agency that will challenge you and your assumptions about what will work, and what wont. An agency who will discuss with you how to eliminate ineffective branding, and uncover truly effective brand design solutions.

During the process you can expect multiple meetings, back-and-forth discussion about small details, and feeling insecure about the outcome. This is all natural, and part of the process. You can only make a spark when you have some friction.

It's through the details and caring about the process that the best solutions are uncovered. The most interesting and the most groundbreaking. Solutions that will stand out in your company's marketplace.

This is how Line and Grid does branding. And this is how Line and grid helps it's clients win more business