Charge More With A Company Brand Identity

Have you ever wondered why some businesses that offer similar products or services to your company are able to charge more? Read on to discover why creative branding can allow your company to charge, and earn, what it deserves.

Image About Your Business Being Able to Charge More With the Right Brand Identity

Build Trust

When it comes to branding and design, one of the most important aspects to consider is increasing trust in your company and its offering. The more prospects trust your company, the more likely they are to part with their hard-earned money. The more they see your company as an industry leader, the more likely it is that they will feel your company has a superior offering.

Prospects are more likely to spend money with a company that understands them. They appreciate it when your company sees things from their point of view. Increased trust is one of the reasons why a strong brand identity will allow your company to increase its prices.

A talented creative agency will consider the visual aspects required to communicate the message your prospects would like to hear. This can be done in a way that speaks to them both subjectively and logically. Read our blog post on why process is important for branding.

Stand Out From The Competition

Another important aspect is standing out from the competition. Clichés and stereotypes are common in any industry, but if you want to be able to charge the price your company deserves, it means going beyond daily street talk.

Most of your company's competitors are probably small-time businesses that don't try to differentiate themselves. This means they all have similar messaging, colors, fonts, and styles for their marketing. These businesses blend together in prospects' minds, making it harder for prospects to choose the offering that is best for them.

When your company stands out from the competition in a unique way it acts as a bright light, attracting prospects who are ready to buy. The more prospects it attracts, the more your company can charge because its offering is in higher demand than its competitors.

Convey Authority

In any major city business authority is important. Whether you live in Toronto, New York or Tokyo, having increased authority is another way to increase trust with your prospects and drive sales.

Adding unique creative details to your company's brand identity will help establish it as an authority in the minds of the people you are targeting. Here's how:

When prospects see that your company not only has a superior product or service to its competitors, but that it also stands out with quality design, they will feel your company is a leader.

Important personalities, organizations and companies care about how they appear. They spend the money to make every detail look on-point and clean. When your image is in order, your authority increases. This means you can ask a premium price for your product. And authority is especially important for service offerings and personal brands.

Elevate Your Sales Pipeline

Your company's sales pipeline is the backbone of its income flow. The more prospects your company can keep in the sales pipeline the better. This allows your company to either sell more of its offering, or sell the same amount at a higher price (because your company is more in-demand).

From online ads, to social media posts, your company's website, stationary, signage, mailers, invoices, forms; every aspect of your company's sales pipeline paints a picture in the minds of its prospects. When your company has a well-designed brand identity, it increases trust with every interaction. When you increase trust with each interaction, you keep more prospects in the sales pipeline.

However, you run the risk of losing prospects with poorly-designed or off-brand materials. When your company has consistent, high-quality design at each interaction point, prospects are "carried" along more intentionally during the sales process. It's important to communicate your company's high level of professionalism at every turn. When there are more reasons to choose your business, there are more willing buyers. More willing buyers means an increase in ROI. Read our blog post about how brands turn prospects into buyers.

Show That Your Company Cares

It matters to prospects how your company branding appears. Whether it’s online or in person, your clients care about how your company conducts itself, similar to wearing appropriate clothes for an occasion. You don't need dress up to meet someone for the first time, but when you do, it makes a big difference.

When your company has well-designed branding, it helps prospects feel that your company cares more about their experience. It also shows that your company has money to invest in how it looks, making it seem more legitimate.

Like relationships in life, people usually prefer people who take care of themselves and are aware of their appearance. It works the same for businesses. If your company's brand identity communicates its offering in a creative and meaningful way, it's more likely customers will spend top dollar for its offering.


You can see how a meaningful brand identity can increase how much your company can charge. Building trust, standing out from the competition, conveying authority, elevating your sales pipeline, and showing that your company cares are all compelling arguments for implementing effective branding.

There is an investment for creative brand design, but the returns greatly outstrip the initial cost. The right agency will develop a brand identity for your business that will last for years, further increasing your company's ROI.

If you feel your company could be making more sales or charging more for its offering, then the next step is likely improved brand identity design