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Brind+Co Branding


LineAndGrid was tasked with creating a visual brand for Brind+Co to help the new realty appeal to Toronto luxury residential homeowners.


Past Experience

Owner and broker Adam Brind has extensive experience selling to luxury clientele. Our job was to build a visual brand for him and his growing team that represents the unique luxury service his realty offers.

Our Ideas

We researched architectural diagrams to gain inspiration for the visual brand style, which you see reflected in gridded layouts, clean typography, and architecturally-inspired icons.

Client Input

Adam's preference was for clean minimalist design. He provided examples of websites he was attracted to and images of properties he has sold. This helped us create the subtle, sublime style you see throughout the realty's visual brand.


The marketing we designed helps Brind+Co speak to the luxury architectural residential market in Toronto, attracting high-profile home owners and buyers. Adam continues to be highly active, even through the challenging 2020 year.

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