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LineAndGrid Design for Datamart Main 3D Icon
informXL: Datamart Main 3D Icon
LineAndGrid Datamart Complete Illustration Design for informXL
informXL: Datamart Complete Illustration
LineAndGrid Design for Datamart ERP Data Icon
informXL: ERP Data Icon
LineAndGrid Email Marketing Design Sample for informXL
informXL: Email Marketing Sample
LineAndGrid Design for Datamart Survey Data Icon
informXL: Survey Data Icon
LineAndGrid Social Marketing Design Sample for informXL
informXL: Social Marketing Sample
LineAndGrid Design for Datamart Sales Data Icon
informXL: Sales Data Icon
LineAndGrid Design for Datamart Data Output Icons
informXL: Data Output Icons

InformXL Design


LineAndGrid was tasked with creating an illustration for informXL, a data software management company targeting homebuilders. It was our responsibility to simplify a complex diagram into a dynamic-yet-understandable illustration. informXL also trusted us to come up with a new illustration style that would be used for future designs.


Our Ideas

We created 3D icons representing various aspects of the service to add visual interest to the design. The aesthetic has a solid feeling, and was designed to communicate the offering's digital aspects while still appealing to home builders. We also recommended reducing information clutter to help increase conceptual clarity.

Client Input

After viewing our initial designs the client realized that maintaining all information was critical to their visual sales tool. They also decided to use flat icons, a style they realized matched the aesthetic they were seeking after seeing our work.


Though the client decided not to adopt the styles we put forward, the exercise helped them discover the direction for their design needs. We helped clarify how to visually communicate their brand in the future.

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