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A Visionary a Naturopath Brand


Meghan Kennedy Brind is a new naturopathic doctor in Toronto, Canada. After healing herself from chronic illness Meghan's mission became sharing her newfound knowledge with people who can benefit from it. Since launching her career in 2018 Meghan has had grassroots success in her community, drawing people from all walks of life with chronic health issues.

Line and Grid brought Meghan's healing brand to life with an iconic hummingbird mark that satisfies the need to appear trustworthy, caring, and beautiful. Working closely with Meghan and her partner, Line and Grid developed a complete brand system to inform all of Meghan's marketing moving forward, as she grows her practice in the GTA and beyond.


· Iconic Brandmark and Wordmark
· Brand System Design
· Multi-Platform Web Design
· Front and Backend Web Development
· Photo Retouching
· Stationary Design

At Meghan's request Line and Grid used muted pastel tones to communicate her gentle approach. Through market research we positioned Meghan as a leader by using a traditional set of fonts and layout styles.

The most important aspect of the brand was inspiring clients' trust in her experience and knowledge. We combined modern design styles with authoritative details to project the same expertise Meghan shows in person. The brand elements work together to form a caring impression, so that her clients know they are in good hands.

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